If I order a bag of coffee, when should I expect it to be shipped?

All retail orders are packaged and sent via USPS every Saturday and Wednesday with a standard 1-3 day shipping. Wholesale orders are shipped via UPS on Thursday and Monday.

When was my coffee roasted?

Our coffee is roasted and packaged fresh every Wednesday and Saturday morning. 

What if I want my coffee ground?

We are happy to grind your coffee order. Note this when placing your order along with how you plan to brew it so that we can help choose the appropriate grind setting!

What if I am in a hurry?

You are more than welcome to place your order over the phone at (219) 286-6287  so that we may try to have it ready for you when you get here. Easy peasy!

I have a subscription. How can I change, cancel, or pause it?

We would be happy to help you. Just shoot us an email at info@daggermountain.com

What coffee can I expect in my subscription box?

Each box will contain the coffee that we are featuring for the month. On occasion, with the multiple bag subscriptions, you might get a repeat of a coffee that you have had before, but rest assured a new varietal will be coming in your next box.

Are your beans fair-trade/organic?

Our beans are sourced from a select number of small family farms that function on the health and quality of their crops. Because we specifically roast with specialty grade beans, they are held to the highest fair and ethical standards. Some of these small farms do not have the funds or access to accrue the certification needed to be “officially” labeled as organic or fair-trade.

Is your café vegetarian/vegan friendly?

You bet your sweet Mother Earth we are! From our treats to our crafted drinks, baristas to owners, everything in our café is vegan :)