LIMITED RELEASE - Kenya Ruthagati
LIMITED RELEASE - Kenya Ruthagati

LIMITED RELEASE - Kenya Ruthagati

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This summer time sparkler is juicy and sensual, with an effervescent brightness and fruity body. We bought the last 130 pounds, and expect this to be a quick favorite in it's fleeting time on our shelves!


Tasting Notes: Rosé, Grapefruit, Lemon Cake 

Farm- Rutuma Amalgamated Farmers' Co-Operative Society Limited

Location- Nyeri, Kenya 

Process- Washed

Varietal- SL28 and SL34

Altitude- 1650-1700 masl 

"Red, ripe cherries were selectively handpicked and were delivered for wet milling the same day. The parchment was fermented, washed and sun dried on raised beds, and the dry parchment was then milled and bagged. In 2005, the Ruthanga, Tumutumu and Marua farmers' cooperative societies merged to form the Rutuma Amalgamated Farmers' Co-Operative Society Limited. It now has seven wet mills, including the Ruthagai Factory in the Mathira region of Nyeri County. The Ruthagati mill is located on the northwest side of Mt. Kenya, and the farmers who bring their cherries here have, on average, 150 coffee trees each." -Info from Genuine Origin