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Guatemala - La Peña

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El Aguacatal

Introducing Guatemala La Peña to our long term single origin roster. We instantly fell in love with this coffee on the cupping table. We got notes of strawberry, cherry, nutmeg, chocolate. 

Process - Washed

Region - Huehuetenango, Guatemala 

Producer/Farm - Aguacatal, La Peña  

Altitude - 1800m

Varietals - Bourbon and Caturra

"Father Petronilo Martinez and son, Petronilo Jesus, manage the farm on the Mexican Border. The named their farm after the avocado trees that were planted throughout the plantation. We have been so fortune to work with the Martinez Family for generations.

The Farm was founded in 1958 by Petronilo's father Gumercindo Martir Martinez, who left the farm to him. Don Petronilo de Jesus was elected as President of the Agriculture Cooperative to direct the production activities with several people and bring the coffee grown in Hoja Blanca to market. He was president for 5 years, but then bought 6 more hectares of land which kept him very busy-- by 1966 he was producing 300 quintales parchment. In 2004 he began working to export his coffee through Onyx.

The family is big. They are very unified, and incredibly hard workers. Petronilo de Jesus Martinez and his wife Demetria Castillo Recinos have 8 children, 23 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Most of the family is working in coffee at different levels, from Petronilo's award winning producer son-in-law Aurelio Villatoro to his son Petronilo, a forestry engineer. Petronilo is 74 years old now. He enjoys walking on the farm to enjoy the sunshine and sounds of the river, watching his favorite soccer teams on TV, and reading his Bible." - Info and photos provided via our friends @ Onyx Coffee Importers