LIMITED RELEASE - El Salvador Los Pirineos
LIMITED RELEASE - El Salvador Los Pirineos

LIMITED RELEASE - El Salvador Los Pirineos

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We think this coffee is pure magic.
How to avoid FOMO: Limited Release means we only got our hands on a limited quantity of this magical bean. You're gonna want to click that 'Add to cart' button. 

Tasting Notes: Cherry Sours, Vanilla Cola, Moonbeams 

Region - Usulutan

Process - Washed

Varietal - Bourbon

Altitude - 1400 masl

Imported by our good friends at Ally Coffee Imports

"Los Pirineos farm is located on a stand-alone, cone-shaped volcano and enjoys a microclimate that is not replicable anywhere in the world. The farm is named after mountain slopes that geographically resemble those of the Pyrenees Mountains in Europe. It has a unique position between the towns of Berlín and Santiago, and most of the farm is planted with producer Gilberto Baraona’s favorite variety: Pacamara. He is an expert in cultivating and propagating this variety and has the only WCR certified nursery to sell the seeds. The remaining majority of productive coffee plants are Bourbon and Pacas varieties.

It is not only the growing microclimate that is unique, the drying facility is also a work of art. The drying beds are positioned between two peaks, creating a wind tunnel through which a breeze continuously passes. The beds are exposed to sun for twelve hours a day yet do not burn due to the cold winds. These factors lend themselves to the production of Natural and Honey processed coffees with a prolonged controlled fermentation. Los Pirineos belongs to Gilberto Baraona, a coffee producer with many accolades including 15 El Salvador Cup of Excellence wins and recognition as the best coffee producer of El Salvador. Gilberto remains humble despite these awards and devotes his work to improving coffee on the farm."- Info provided by